Retro Swimwear

(Most of these images are from Nordstrom.com and Anthropologie.com)

Just like I have to get a new pair of boots every Fall, I must get new swimwear every Summer.  This year I'm buying into the biggest trend in swimwear; the retro feminine look.  Summer after summer of string bikinis and monokinis out there has become...well... monotonous.
A good friend of mine asked me to recommend a swimsuit for her newly "enhanced" bod.  :)  I told her to look into these.  They're great for all body types because it flattens tummies and the bra cups are supportive and push it all up.  
The bold colors like black, white, red, bright pink, cobalt blue and green keep this look classic and makes it pop.   I also love the classic retro prints such as stripes, polka dots and animal prints.  Best of all, this fits right in with my favorite style icon, Gwen Stefani!

Michael Kors high waisted retro bikini
This suit is retro, yet so modern. The bottom is tummy flattening and makes her legs look so long
And the strapless top avoids fashion faux pas tan lines.

TIP: Wrap a scarf around your head and tie it up at the top of the hairline.  So retro and cute!  I tied a blk/wht polka dot scarf like this on a model for a swim scene in a show recently.   I had her hair in a top knot and kept her bangs down and it was incredibly cute!!  I wish I took a pic for you.
I can't get over this pic.  I'm a sucker for stripes, so I'm dying over her platforms!

Tom Ford black "Nikita" sunglasses
Top off the retro look with a pair of chic cat eye sunglasses

John Lewis sun hat

My favorite Summer accessory is skincare.  I always have SPF 30 or more on, because sun spots, sizzle chest and premature wrinkles are just not cute.  I'd rather be pale.  It's also fun to protect your skin with a big floppy hat which you can find everywhere this year.  For the retro style, look for ones with fun feminine details like bows and retro stripes

DVF wedges

Feminine wedges with wrap around tie straps

Nothing says retro bathing beauty like a vintage swim cap!

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